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Client Testimonials. Amanda Mason

Took a test and it's positive! Last week took test and was negative,but today positive! Wasn't expecting it! Exciting times. Swear you helped massively, a real believer in reflexology now xx


Hi Rachel

I’ve been meaning to get in touch. Our baby girl arrived on Thursday 5th so your magic touch definitely worked! I went into labour naturally and it was all fairly quick 😊 It was lovely to meet you. Thank you again!

Dear Rachel

Thank-you so much for supporting us through our fertility journey and pregnancy. Your approach, support, guidance and tenacity has really helped us. We don't think it would have been possible to have had Samuel without all your love and care for all of us.

You're certainly a special lady that will always be part of our lives knowing that you made a dream come true.

Love and best wishes

My husband and I went to see Rachel before and during our IVF treatment. Not only is Rachel warm and friendly, but also knows her stuff. She even impressed my husband who ended up really enjoying his weekly visit after starting out as a sceptic!

I truly believe Rachel was a huge contributor to the success of us getting pregnant on our first attempt. She helped prepare us physically but most importantly for me, mentally too. Rachel was a huge support throughout the treatment and my pregnancy. I only wish I still had an excuse to see her every week!

Anna, Farnborough

I visited Rachel for some reflexology in an attempt to get labour going. I was 41 weeks and 4 days pregnant with my first baby but showing no signs of labour and desperately wanted to avoid induction. I felt so comfortable during my session with Rachel and even had the sensation that my bump was completely weightless - which at that stage of pregnancy was quite something! Not long into the treatment I started to experience some tightening's. I followed Rachel's advice and had a chilled day but went for a walk. The tightening's continued and the following day they started to build around lunchtime. By 4pm my waters broke and contractions started straight away at 3 mins apart. 5 and a half hours later after a very manageable Hypnobirthing labour I delivered a beautifully healthy 9lb 6oz baby boy naturally without pain relief.
Not only did the treatment make a physical difference to the last day of my pregnancy, but I felt totally relaxed, positive and confident in myself which I really believe helped labour finally begin.
Thank you so much Rachel - you will definitely see me again!


I have been having reflexology with Rachel on a regular basis for a few years now. I started as a way to unwind and de-stress and having had no prior experience of reflexology I had no idea what to expect or whether it would help me. I find on most weeks I float away, and- feel it helps me immensely in my everyday life. Moving forward a few years, I feel the fertility side that Rachel specialises in helped me to conceive my daughter & feel having already been seeing Rachel helped me to get 'ahead of the game' and kept me relaxed throughout my pregnancy. The knowledge Rachel has is fantastic & the advice has been valuable along the way - Rachel is also an excellent listener!!
I am looking forward to my next appointment following the birth of my baby girl!! Thank you!


Well is a pleasure talk about Rachel. She is very sweet and calm. In few minutes with her you feel like you know her from long long time. I went to see her, was the best thing I did during my pregnancy and found her on Internet, so it was risky. I didn't think I was stressed till see her. Omg her hands was wonderful, I left there so relax and I suffered a lot from SPD, I was 38 weeks pregnant and all the pain went away. Just couldn't believe how she managed to take all that pain away. I slept soooooooo well after her massages. I had my baby with 41 weeks and Rachel helped me a lot with anxiety. Every time I went to see her, she said something so positive and made me feel in control of my mind and body. My life is a bit caos now but I can't wait to see her again ;) and be touched for her amazing hands. Thank you so much Rachel


I started seeing Rachel for reflexology after a year of irregular periods. Within 2 cycles they were regular again and I was pregnant!

Sadly I miscarried early on but found Rachel to be amazing support, I carried on the reflexology and within another 2 cycles I was pregnant again!

I will definitely carry on the reflexology during my pregnancy as Rachel is calm, supportive, very knowledgeable and a great sounding board! I find these sessions really relaxing and can really feel the benefits.

As I was so impressed with the treatment I recommended 2 of my friends who were having trouble conceiving and within a couple of cycles they were pregnant too. Cannot praise reflexology enough!


Hi Rachel, just wanted to let you know there's no need for our appointment tomorrow!
I started having contractions that night (Tuesday) and went into labour following morning. By 1.31pm last wed we were blessed with a beautiful little girl!!
The labour and birth was all very smooth I have no doubt due to my natal hypnotherapy training & relaxing reflexology!
Thank you so much! Holly

Hi, just thought I'd let you know we saw the Consultant for ENT last week and when he checked his ears he said both looked clear! Funnily enough his speech is much clearer in the last week or two,too. We go back in Nov for a review. Just wanted to say thankyou

Hopefully the glue ear doesn't return when he gets a cold next , but I'll contact you again if I think we need any help..

Mum of 3 year old with glue ear

Just wanted to say thank you for my treatment this afternoon...my feet haven't been so pain free in a long time! You're a miracle working ;-)

Update a few days later:

I can still feel an improvement from the treatment you gave. My feet are sore but definitely less painful than before, particularly in the evening when I have really been struggling. Just feels less tight across the bottom of my foot ;-)

On Wednesday night I could feel a bit of pain in the area on the front of my legs that you had applied pressure (the spot that made me wince) but I definitely felt a noticeable difference in my feet.

Several sessions of physiotherapy have not made such a difference!

Looking forward to my next session :-)

Rachael, Fleet
A client who is living with Plantar Fasciitis

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for 14 long months. We were trying hard to remain calm but as each month passed it was becoming more stressful and had taken the decision that it was time to get the ball rolling with the medical professionals and make an appointment with our GP.

I came across Rachel by chance whilst doing an internet search to look for a local salon to have a pedicure! Reflexology was something that I hadn’t even considered but given where we were I figured we had nothing to lose and booked an initial consultation.

We were over the moon to fall pregnant within 2 months of starting treatment and are now expecting our first baby. Whilst it may have happened eventually with or without conventional medical intervention, I’m very glad I came across Rachel’s website that day. I have no doubt conceiving would have taken many more stressful months (or even years) if we had not found her.

Thank you Rachel!


I booked to see Rachel not long after having my little girl as I was suffering with chronic urine retention. Rachel's relaxed nature when she visited our home to carry out the reflexology sessions was hugely welcome at such an anxious time. I could tell that after each session I had, that there was more and more possibility of the retention gradually easing away. Until finally it did one day, and I was back to normal. I was so relieved, and thankful to Rachel after what was a very stressful time.'

Helen, Fleet

'Thank you to Rachel for really helping with our daughter's constipation issues through your reflexology. Even after just a couple of reflexology sessions, we noticed that things had definitely started 'moving' and our little one was more relaxed about needing to go to the loo and it really helped her in a positive way. We are really pleased to have taken her, and she also enjoyed her feet being massaged which was great too, and sat perfectly still throughout. We will be going back if needed for future sessions '

Further testimonial from Helen, Fleet!

My husband and I first saw Rachel after being diagnosed with unexplained fertility having tried to conceive for 18 months. It was a relief to find someone that was willing to listen and explore other avenues with us. Rachel was always on hand to offer advice and make recommendations related to diet, supplements and test results. Reflexology not only helped to regulate my cycles, but eased the stress and anxiety I experienced in trying for a baby. 7 months later we found we were pregnant! We were over the moon and we have both continued reflexology for its relaxing and therapeutic benefits.

Sarah, Mytchett

My husband and I were at the older end of the spectrum when we decided to try for children together. My husband already had 2 children from a previous relationship and by the time we met, had had a vasectomy. Following a reversal and after almost a year of trying, we were beginning to face the possibility that IVF may have to be an option for us.

We were recommended reflexology as potentially something that may be able to help us and we found Rachel online. We had our initial appointment with Rachel to assess our situation who gave us some excellent pointers in terms of changing our lifestyle and we both started on a reflexology programme.

3 months later, I fell pregnant and I honestly feel that our success can be directly attributed to reflexology and our change in lifestyle. I would strongly encourage anyone who is struggling to fall pregnant to meet with Rachel to discuss their personal situation, especially before or during the IVF path.

Natalie, Fleet

I can not recommend Rachel highly enough - her service is exceptional and I honestly feel blessed to have found her. She is so passionate about delivering the best to her clients , and she is incredibly knowledgeable in her craft. She is equally astoundingly gifted ,she intuitively found tender areas that needed assistance and helped my body deal with the demands of growing a very precious person inside.

My reflexology journey started at 6 months due to complications (gestational diabetes and choleostasis), and I desperately wanted to find a way to help my body manage the demands of this pregnancy as it was my 5th .

I have never experienced or used complementary therapies in any previous pregnancy , and to be honest was very sceptical of the science behind reflexology. However after doing plenty of internet research, I found a local reflexologist who actually recommended Rachel to me, as she didn't feel experienced enough to offer her services to me and felt that Rachel would be able to offer the service I required with the experience I needed due to my particular medical requirements.

The benefits of reflexology in pregnancy are astounding , the stress relief amazing , the hormonal changes my body dealt with so much better , not to mention my diabetes remained completely diet controlled and my L.F.T levels never rose higher than 230 (I think), this is low considering in my previous pregnancy my LFT rose above 1000.

The itching of the choleostasis was tolerable, and Rachel even helped here advising me of some wonderful cream, that no hospital midwife even mentioned, yet it was perfectly safe to use and available on prescription . I also did not develop SPD amazingly as have in previous pregnancies .

I actually came to look forward to my sessions with Rachel - they became the highlight of my week, as every time I left, I drifted out without the emotional baggage storing and adding unneeded stress and tension to my pregnancy. I felt a much needed new energy and was able to cope so much better with the demands of pregnancy this time round. My baby seemed to enjoy most sessions as he often had a loving little jiggle during most sessions and moved around beautifully - something I became paranoid about due to my medical conditions so again very reassuring.

I strongly recommend reflexology as not just a complementary therapy in pregnancy but as an essential therapy in pregnancy, and if you're looking for someone who can bring the very best of what reflexology has to offer then Rachel is the person for you. She ensures every experience is rewarding, relaxing and a session with Rachel is equally incredibly good value for money.


I visited Rachel from 16 weeks during my second pregnancy. Rachel is a very calming person and a fantastic reflexologist, I could feel the energy working through my body during the sessions and my baby used to respond to them too, she now loves her feet being massaged. I think the regular sessions contributed to my trouble free pregnancy- in fact the only ailment I had was once suffering from lack of sleep and I actually started to fall asleep in the office the afternoon after a morning session with Rachel where she focused on that! I can't recommend Rachel highly enough.

Gabby, Fleet

"Huge thanks. Felt so much better after seeing you. Chest much much clearer. Slept well. No coughing. F**** coughed in night but put stuff on his feet & humidifier on. Just wanted to say how much I appreciated the session."

Sarah M, Fleet

"Had my first ever session on Saturday to treat a shoulder pain I have had for weeks and couldn't believe how amazing I felt after just one go! So amazed am going back again this week! I highly recommend Rachel

Laura, Fleet

I started having fertility reflexology with Rachel after desperately wanting a second child. My history was complicated, unexplained infertility, failed IVF and miscarriage. My first daughter was a bit of a miracle!

I found Rachel to be understanding and empathic. She is very professional and what she doesn't know about feet isn't worth knowing! The reflexology was a real stress reliever and made me feel calmer and relaxed. Within two months of seeing Rachel I was pregnant.

I truly believe that if I hadn't had fertility reflexology with Rachel I wouldn't have my beautiful second daughter.

Thankyou magic Rachel!

Dawn, Fleet

I definitely benefited from my reflexology during my last pregnancy with my daughter. I have 3 other children and with each was severely anaemic but as I can't tolerate iron was given an infusion with each, this time round I didn't need it and didn't do anything different other than the reflexology. My labour was an hour long from start to finish and I have the most placid, easy going baby which I believe is all to do with the reflexology I had with Rachel. Thank u so much xx

Denise, Fleet

After trying for nearly a year for baby number two, the stress levels were up and getting pregnant was becoming an unhealthy obsession. I visited ‘Feet in Fleet’ on a friend’s recommendation and after seeing a promotional advertisement.

Rachel took a full history and worked with me to get my body and hormones re-balanced through lovely relaxing reflexology sessions. Rachel is very professional, knowledgeable and skilled with her hands and answered all of my questions regarding discomfort in my feet and its relation to my body and general health. She also has a very caring, positive and empathetic nature.

The reflexology offered a total body relaxation from a hectic lifestyle, so if nothing else, I enjoyed the benefits from a stress relief perspective and certainly slept better. However, after only one month, I was delighted to get a positive pregnancy test result and recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

Obviously there are no promises, but I know several people that have had fertility success through seeing Rachel.... That’s why we call her magic Rachel! I would thoroughly recommend her.

Rachel, Fleet

Just to say thank-you so much for helping me throughout the uncomfortable stages of my pregnancy and for ensuring I avoided being induced. I truly believe that your sessions played a major part in enabling me to have the birth that I so hoped for, and for that I am forever grateful.

I will be singing your praises at every opportunity and will definitely be in touch if no. 3 is ever on the way - and before if I need a bit of rest and relaxation!

Thank-you Rachel, you are amazing at what you do and a real inspiration.

With best wishes,


I first visited Rachel during the first trimester of my pregnancy. Reflexology wasn't something I had experienced before, but I was keen to remain active and healthy through my pregnancy and find natural remedies to the aches and niggles I was experiencing. Rachel immediately made me feel safe and secure in her care, and throughout the treatments that followed she was able to identify and relieve many of the minor ailments associated with pregnancy. Rachel also treated me during the last week of my pregnancy, and was astonishingly accurate in her prediction for the arrival date of my son. I have continued to see Rachel in the months after giving birth as her warm welcome and magic hands have proven to be a real treat for a new Mum!

Priscilla, Fleet

Rachel worked wonders leading up to me giving birth. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing her - so calm and encouraging that my labour would go ok. It certainly did and my daughter came into this world very happily. A lot came down to Rachel's healing hands I'm sure! I would definitely recommend Rachel to any of my friends and will be back myself!.

Emma - Odiham

I have been visiting Rachel for reflexology treatments for 18 months, and can't recommend her enough. I went to her initially to help me conceive - her empathetic and positive nature and experienced hands helped me to relax and no doubt aided my efforts to get pregnant! I saw Rachel throughout my pregnancy and I came to look forward very much to an hour of relaxation in a busy week especially as I got bigger and my feet began to swell. I always felt like a new woman afterwards. I'd definitely give significant credit to Rachel and my reflexology treatments for my straightforward labour and delivery as I felt my body was well prepared for what was ahead. I still visit Rachel for treatments now I'm post natal as its a chance to have a hour to myself and I feel immeasurably better after seeing her. Thanks Rachel :)

Tracy, Fleet

I have been receiving reflexology from Rachel throughout my pregnancy. I decided to try reflexology following a condition I developed known as interstitial cystitis and vulvodynia prior to conceiving. The condition causes inflammation in the nerves relating to the bladder and vulva which causes great discomfort and pain. I was unable to undergo any further tests or medical treatment once i became pregnant so turned to this alternative therapy and have not looked back since. Rachel has really helped me throughout my entire pregnancy to manage my symptoms, which has enabled me to continue working for longer than I could of hoped for in the pregnancy and also enabled me to go about normal life as much as possible which seemed impossible before I started receiving treatment from Rachel. The treatment that Rachel provides is great as she offers the flexibility of being treated in the comfort of your own home and she is always very thorough and takes the time to really understand what symptoms you are experiencing so that she can ensure that she provides a tailored treatment. She is very knowledgeable and always offering valuable advice, support and help. I would highly recommend Rachel to anyone who needs any kind of relief for any condition.

Shromi, Bagshot

After a very difficult first birth experience including extensive baby
blues, I contacted Rachel about reflexology before my second child's due
date. Rachel was wonderful, her treatment left me feeling relaxed and
positive and definitely helped to kick start my body's natural responses
prior to the birth. I saw Rachel again as soon as I was home from hospital
after the birth of my daughter and again, was left feeling relaxed and
positive. I had no baby blues this time around and, thanks to Rachel, I
had a much more positive birth experience and was able to enjoy my newborn
in a much more enjoyable way than I had experienced before. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rachel to anyone who is pregnant'

Vicky, Fleet

Rachel has been an absolute genius when treating me with reflexology during my pregnancy. Not only was she able to ease all my anxieties and extreme insomnia but also saved me from another trip to hospital when I was struck down with severe acid reflux. Previous episodes of this particular reflux condition during pregnancy have seen me being rushed to hospital in an ambulance, administered morphine (while pregnant!), resulting in a typical 14 hours of agony and a saline drip. When Rachel fortuitously encountered my acid reflux on one of her visits she was able to clear the condition in less than one hour (not 14!) with no medicine and no drama. I am eternally grateful for her expertise and gentle manner, would highly recommend her… and all in the comfort of my own home. An angel, thank you.

Claire, Herriard

I have had many reflexology treatments and can honestly say that Rachel is one of the best! Her treatments are deep, thorough and effective leaving one feeling extremely relaxed and a lot better than before. Rachel has a natural intuitiveness and empathy with her clients which I believe makes her a very special therapist.

S J, Fleet

I have been receiving reflexology treatments from Rachel now for the past 3 years. Her treatments always calm me when I’m stressed, and have helped to sort out various health conditions, from a blocked nose to headaches to a kidney infection. Rachel is always very thorough, and her treatments never feel rushed or fitted into an hour timeslot as you get with some therapists. Rachel is also very knowledgeable about the workings of the body and health conditions affecting it. She has provided me with some good advice to help my general wellbeing.

Mrs A Rimmer - Fleet

Testimonial to Feet in Fleet

Rachel worked her magic first on my daughter - then aged 15 Leonie had been back and forth to A&E and consultants for months suffering from terrible back pains - so severe that she was passing out. Doctors could not agree on a diagnosis but suspected kidney stones.
On her first appointment with Rachel, Leonie was very nervous and stressed but she soon relaxed and opened up to Rachel’s warm and caring personality and reacted to the reflexology in a very positive way.
Rachel could ‘feel’ the kidney stones and over several weeks worked on breaking them down. The fantastic result was made very evident when Leonie was again admitted to A&E with severe back pain, was x-rayed and the proof of the breakdown of the stone was there on the x-ray for everyone to see!! Thank you so much Rachel, you succeeded where the medical profession failed.

Having been astounded by the results that Rachel had with Leonie I myself then began a course of treatment with her. I have always suffered with congested sinuses and seem to contract a chest infection each month, with my hormonal cycle. Rachel gave me a six week intensive course of treatments and then follow up treatment every four weeks, to coincide with the onset of a chest infection. The improvement in my sinus problem was amazing - for the first time in years I could smell things !! Also my chest infections became a thing of the past - what a relief not to be ill and having to take antibiotics every month.

My husband Colin had been very sceptical when Leonie began her treatments, but could not fail to be impressed at the incredible difference the outcome made to her life. Having then seen me benefit so much as well he then began to want some of this for himself!! Colin has always suffered with terrible food allergies, suffering awful stomach upset and mood swings. After an initial six week course and then regular follow-up treatments with Rachel his stomach is much more settled and his stress levels are definitely much lower.

Rachel's expertise at Reflexology has definitely had a huge impact on our family and we would all heartily recommend her as a fast class reflexologist, who has proved herself capable of helping with all of the very different medical cases that we presented.

Thank you Rachel for your time, expertise and gentleness, for being professional but also very caring and for enhancing our quality of life. We will be eternally grateful.

The Phillips Family - Church Crookham

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