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Does Reproductive Reflexology Work?

Well, according to Jess and Tim, it certainly does!!

Meet the Normans!

Jess came to see me 5 years ago as she and Tim had been trying to conceive and things just weren’t happening. A couple of months later they were pregnant and Arthur was born the following year.

When Arthur was 9 months old, Jess and Tim discovered they were pregnant again, a bit of a surprise! So at 18 months old, Arthur became big brother to Stanley – as any parent of 2 babies knows – hard work, but a challenge that Jess and Tim embraced.

Last year, Jess came to see me as they were ready to think about having a third (and final) child, but again, things weren’t happening. Happily a couple of months later, Jess was pregnant with baby number 3. Just before Christmas 2020, I sent Jess a message asking how the 12 week scan had gone and her reply “this happened” – attached was her scan picture of …………… twins!

Because of lockdown, Jess was on her own at the scan – that must have been really tough. I remember sensing she was very worried about how on earth she was going to cope – who would blame her. I supported her during the pregnancy and at 37 weeks, she gave birth to beautiful twin boys – Welcome Ernie and Otto.

Jess tells me that they “live in a madhouse and that life is chaotic” - I should say! Arthur 4, Stanley 2 ½, Ernie & Otto new-born – how wonderful, awesome,beautiful, incredible and what an amazing mummy. Although at times it can be somewhat frenzied, Jess says she “wouldn’t have it any other way”.

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