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Exploring the Effectiveness of Reproductive Reflexology: What You Need to Know

Updated: Feb 13

Well, according to Jess and Tim, it certainly does!! Meet the Normans!

Jess came to see me 5 years ago as she and Tim had been trying to conceive and things just weren’t happening. A couple of months later they were pregnant and Arthur was born the following year.

When Arthur was 9 months old, Jess and Tim discovered they were pregnant again, a bit of a surprise! So at 18 months old, Arthur became big brother to Stanley – as any parent of 2 babies knows – hard work, but a challenge that Jess and Tim embraced.

Last year, Jess came to see me as they were ready to think about having a third (and final) child, but again, things weren’t happening. Happily a couple of months later, Jess was pregnant with baby number 3. Just before Christmas 2020, I sent Jess a message asking how the 12 week scan had gone and her reply “this happened” – attached was her scan picture of …………… twins!

Because of lockdown, Jess was on her own at the scan – that must have been really tough. I remember sensing she was very worried about how on earth she was going to cope – who would blame her. I supported her during the pregnancy and at 37 weeks, she gave birth to beautiful twin boys – Welcome Ernie and Otto.

Jess tells me that they “live in a madhouse and that life is chaotic” - I should say! Arthur 4, Stanley 2 ½, Ernie & Otto new-born – how wonderful, awesome,beautiful, incredible and what an amazing mummy. Although at times it can be somewhat frenzied, Jess says she “wouldn’t have it any other way”.

Jess and Tim's journey to expanding their family has been a remarkable one, with the assistance of reflexology playing a pivotal role. After struggling to conceive initially, Jess sought reflexology treatment and successfully became pregnant with their first child, Arthur. Subsequently, they welcomed Stanley, followed by the surprise news of expecting a third child. Despite initial challenges, including fertility concerns and the added stress of lockdown during pregnancy, Jess gave birth to twins, Ernie and Otto. Throughout this whirlwind of parenthood, reflexology has provided support, contributing to Jess's well-being and the overall joy of their bustling household, filled with the delightful chaos of raising four young boys.

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