Some couples look for Reproductive Reflexology before they start trying to conceive, some have been trying for a while and others are deep in the midst of assisted conception techniques such as IVF.  


I am incredibly keen to ensure that all my clients feel supported during their journey.   To ensure the best possible outcome, it is important that we meet for an initial consultation.  This appointment will last approximately and hour a half during which I will complete a detailed pre-conceptual questionnaire with you. During this time I will listen to you - your journey so far, your concerns, your thoughts, wishes and hopes. I will discuss with you all aspects of your lives - lifestyle, stress levels, occupation, diet, exercise etc. I will then devise a tailor-made treatment plan and discuss this with you.   


Reflexology can be offered to almost anybody - babies, children, teens, the elderly and those in between! Many people are using this relaxing therapy as a way of taking time out from every day pressures. My expert touch will help you to relax, thereby improving mood, aiding sleep and relieving tension which may result in an overall sense of wellbeing. If you suffer from an illness, these effects may help you to cope.

Reflexology is a safe treatment for you and your baby. As your qualified Maternity Reflexologist I know exactly which points (reflexes) on the feet I can safely work to harmonise your body and help prepare you for one of the greatest moments in your life, the birth of your baby.

Every woman has a different experience of pregnancy and often no two pregnancies are alike. Relaxation is the key and taking time out for yourself and the new life growing within, is the best investment you can make. An hour of peaceful therapy will leave you feeling refreshed and energised to cope with the pressures of daily life and pregnancy.

As your due date approaches, you may find it more useful to have more regular treatments. I suggest that normally monthly treatments are sufficient until week 36 and then weekly until you birth your baby.


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