For most women, pregnancy is a wonderful experience and there is much excitement about creating a new life that is growing within, that
can be felt as it moves and often a strong bond
is formed before the baby’s birth. Although an amazing journey, it is not always without issues.

During the first trimester huge changes in hormone levels take place. You may feel exhilarated, fearful, weepy, delighted, anxious. You may also feel extreme tiredness,
or nausea or sickness. As your reflexologist, my intention would be to aid relaxation, de-stress, balance your hormones and offer support.

By the second trimester, most of the discomforts of early pregnancy have diminished. This is the trimester that you are supposedly ‘blooming’, but not every woman feels fabulous. As your baby grows, other physical symptoms may appear – backache, hip pain, heartburn and indigestion are all common at this time. Reflexology may help to alleviate these symptoms, balance hormones and bring about
a sense of relaxation.


During the third trimester you may notice more physical discomfort as your growing baby takes up more space!  Aches and pains are common place, you may experience swelling of your feet and ankles, your sleep may be disturbed and your stress levels might rise as the birth becomes imminent. Reflexology can be useful at this stage to promote your general well-being, to relieve some
of the ‘pregnancy niggles’ and to prepare you and your baby for labour and birth.