If you are feeling unsure about the benefits of reflexology,
have a read through this page, which features testimonials
from some of my clients, accompanied by pictures
of some of the babies I helped to create!

I have been seeing Rachel for regular treatments for over two years now and it has literally changed my life. On my
first visit, I wasn't sure what to expect, having never had reflexology before, but she immediately put me at ease
and over the last two years her treatments have had such
a positive effect on my physical, mental and emotional health at a time of my life when I needed it most.

Rachel has a real gift, not just in the well-being that her treatments have brought to my life, but also in the way she deals with her clients, providing a genuine and personal touch that makes going to her appointments feel like a safe haven away from the stresses of everyday life. I have experienced such positive and marked changes in my overall health and happiness while I have received treatment from Rachel and I'm so grateful to her!


"Had my first ever session on Saturday to treat a tight shoulder pain I have had for weeks and couldn't believe how amazing I felt after just one go! So amazed I am going back again this week! I highly recommend Rachel.


My husband and I went to see Rachel before and during our IVF treatment. Not only is Rachel warm and friendly, but also knows her stuff. She even impressed my husband who ended up really enjoying his weekly visit after starting out
as a sceptic!

I truly believe Rachel was a huge contributor to the success of us getting pregnant on our first attempt. She helped prepare us physically but most importantly for me, mentally too. Rachel was a huge support throughout the treatment and my pregnancy.
I only wish I still had an excuse to see her every week! 


Rachel of Feet in Fleet has been a huge part of my life. 
Since a teenager I never had a regular cycle and was diagnosed with PCOS - I was devastated to think I may never conceive. I tried many different things before I
came across Feet in Fleet. 


Rachel worked her magic on my feet and was a great support not just with my journey to conceive but also
about life.
With the support of reflexology I conceived! 
I continued my treatment with Rachel throughout my pregnancy, I suffered from SPD and Rachel helped ease this. In April 2013 I gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl,
she was a very chilled out baby, we branded her
a reflexology baby!


1 year later and my cycles had not returned, within
a couple of months of seeing Rachel I was pregnant again

I had SPD and also the stress of a new job. Feet in Fleet supported me throughout and in May 2015 I have birth to a bonny baby boy, once again a chilled out, reflexology baby.


I continued to see Rachel to keep my stress levels at bay, and when the time came to ‘get those cycles going again’ we fell pregnant with baby number 3! This was a very tough pregnancy with me being immobile and in a wheelchair due to the SPD. When the pain was at its worst Rachel found time to come to me for an emergency treatment. Following early induction our third baby was born, a little boy
in December 2017. 


With our family complete some may suggest that was the end of my reflexology journey, but that is not the case.  Rachel continues to ease my stress, give me balance and 
finds all the parts of me that ache. There are sessions when Rachel will read my mind and facilitate some deep relaxation and mindfulness and other times when we will just talk and put the world to rights. 

Whenever I come away from Feet in Fleet I feel refreshed and energised as well as relaxed! Rachel continues to be
a sound board for me, and I think of her not just as my reflexologist but also a friend. 
My life would not be the
same without Feet in Fleet
, she is fantastic within the fertility sector and beyond. Rachel, you are just a super star. 
I will be eternally grateful for your support and magic hands. 

Without Feet in Feet I would not have my 3 precious children,
or my calm disposition


My husband and I had been trying to conceive for 14 long months. We were trying hard to remain calm but as each month passed it was becoming more stressful and had taken the decision that it was time to get the ball rolling with the medical professionals and make an appointment with our GP.

I came across Rachel by chance whilst doing an internet search to look for a local salon to have a pedicure! Reflexology was something that I hadn’t even considered but given where we were I figured we had nothing to lose and booked an initial consultation. 

We were over the moon to fall pregnant within 2 months of starting treatment and are now expecting our first baby. Whilst it may have happened eventually with or without conventional medical intervention, I’m very glad I came across Rachel’s website that day. I have no doubt conceiving would have taken many more stressful months (or even years) if we had not found her.

Thank you Rachel!