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Long Covid

Are you experiencing symptoms of Long Covid?

Clients tell me that reflexology has helped them enormously with symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, aches and pains, etc. One of my clients mentioned that there's been a direct link to those who have long term covid and those who have M.E/CFS &Fibromyalgia . I believe there could be a link and it wouldn't surprise me if years down the line a huge percentage of the population are diagnosed with ME/CFS/Fibro - such a huge topic and area of debate. Will it affect those who have been vaccinated, not vaccinated, had the virus etc etc....... I am concerned about the impact on fertility - we are already seeing as Reproflexolgists how the vaccine is impacting on menstrual cycles (I'm not antivax BTW). So much to 'wait and see' but anybody who is 'not feeling right' post covid might benefit from trying reflexology - what is there to lose?

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