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Reflexology Really Can Get on Your Nerves!!

Ever Heard of The Vagus Nerve?

It's the 10th cranial nerve which starts in the brain and weaves its way throughout the body (vagrant meaning wanderer) involving itself with many systems of the body, especially the heart and digestive system.

A client has kindly given me permission to tell you about her recent treatment involving the vagus nerve 😀

She arrived for her treatment in a right old tiz-woz - she felt dreadful - incredibly anxious, overwhelmed, tearful, and had a thumping sensation in the centre of her chest (not pain). I listened while she told me what had been going on for her, we chatted about it while I started her treatment and she gradually started to calm down and relax, but still, this thumping sensation was present in her chest. Now, the vagus nerve isn't something a reflexologist would normally work at the beginning of a treatment - it's a bit too intense for that 😉, but about two-thirds of the way through, as I worked the vagus nerve reflex, she commented that the thumping was easing and within probably 30-60 seconds announced that it had now gone! The relief she felt from the cessation of that awful thumping was immense. She left my treatment room that day a completely different person from the one that had arrived – and that is just so rewarding for me.

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